The House Deceit Built-Penzu Journal-Fri. 9/23/2016 at 2:45pm

This Is The House Deceit Built

I Thought It Was Our Dream

All It Was So Many Lies It Seems

Built From Love So I Thought

Realizing Now I Know It Was Built On Deceit

This Is Why We Always Fought

Memories Of Ours So I Thought 

Not Knowing Your Memories With Another 

Memories With Her At The Same Time

Dreams I Thought Were Mine

Wife Mother Partner A Lifetime

Only A Servant To You, I Became

She Was Your Everything So It Seemed

When Did It All Decay

Looking Back I Only See 5 Years Of Loyalty

Closing My Eyes I Didn’t See The Signs

Now Is Their Recovery Or Just Separate Ways

Given 110 % Investment That I Put In

So Very Little In Return

Grateful For One Thing

Sons I Raised To Men

Their Hearts Are Like Mine

A House To Be Proud Of

Is It All A Sham

The House Deceit Built

I Thought We Were Enough

Apparently You Needed More

Everything I Gave Was Neglected

Every Day A Piece Of My Heart Has Died

The Cold Look Out Of Your Eyes

I Do Not Know You

Where Is Your Heart

Is It Black As Coal

Apparently You Never Had Guilt 

You Never Felt Any Shame

Today No Regrets

You Really Feel No Mistakes Were Made

Where To Go from Here

With My Sons Being Men Now

They Need A Strong Mom

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

Brighter Future Ahead 

This I Will Proclaim

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