Hedda Hopper & Head Vases “My Hedda Hopper”


Miss Hedda Hopper The Hat Lady:

Hedda A Former Actress  And Columnist In The 1940s Was Also  Known For Her Hats

What A Collection They Were

Beautiful Lady With Such Style

There Was A I Love Lucy Episode With Hedda In It. 

They Were All In Hollywood & Lucy Jumped In The Pool With All Her Clothes On To Get Hedda’a Attention It Is Hilarious You Have To See It To Appreciate All The Style & Comedy. 

That Episode Sticks In My Mind

Hedda & Lucy Were So Funny

When I See Some Of The Lady Heads 

They Resemble Hedda Quite A Bit: 

     Seems Like There Was One Produced In  The 1950s

                It Just So Happens I Have A Lady Head. 

                      I Decided To Gussie Her Up A Bit. 

                                 This Is The Result.

                            She Is My Hedda Hopper 

                  I Could Not Believe The Resemblence

Awaiting Her Afternoon Tea Time  

Where Is Lucy?

Lovely Hedda With Birds & Pip Berrys In Her Glorious Hat. 

The Lady Headvase Was A Gift From My Sister & I Had A Few items To Gussie Her Up.

 “Voila She Became My Hedda Hopper”

     Lovely Hedda Hopper In Her Beautiful Greens & Pinks 

                  These Ladies Take On Such A Persona. 

                                         She Has

                             Hedda’s Style & Grace 

                               When You See Hat Ladies 

              Think Of Hedda Hopper’s Timeless Style

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