Another’s Heart-Penzu Journal-Wed. 9/6/2017 at 10:07am

Another’s Heart

I Do Not Know Another Heart

I Only Know My Own

You May Not Know Yours

That Is Why You Chose To Roam

Still Searching Always Looking

Never Knowing What You Had

Choosing To Ignore What Is In Front Of You

Taking Others Side

Leaving Me Behind

Looking For The Next Big Thing

Never Knowing Your Heart All Along

Living With Someone I Never Knew

Once I Thought How Our Love Grew

It Was Not Us  

You Chose To Grow With Another

One Still Possesses Your Soul

You Say No I Say Yes

Songs, Places, Familiarity You Know

It Never Leaves You

Putting On An Act

I See Through It

The Mirror You Do Not Want To Face

That Is  Why You Use  Mean Tactics

You Try To Put Me In My Place

Its Just A Ploy

To Make You Forget To Make You Not See

The Mirror Never Lies

It Will Always Show You Who You Are

Not Who You Pretend To Be

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