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Ruby Rosé

Full Life

What is a full life? what is it to you? what is it to me? Does it depend on what we have done or such accomplishments, and just what accomplishments? Does a full life mean a career? motherhood? a life of travel and experience? 
When we are at the end who will know what our full life was? I wonder myself have I had such a full life? Yes, I have experienced love of my children. I have given birth. I have made a home. Did I ever experience true love? I hold my family very close, but in that life there is loss, change heartache, pain, inside suffering and strife. Always trying to accomplish my dreams, art, writing, and expression.
What is a full life? Gratefulness, knowing in my heart who truly loves me, knowing there is so much to do, so much to give, so much to experience, so have I had a full life so far. Well, I can tell you this, I have many blessings, I have many pleasures, I have heartaches and heartbreaks, & roadblocks. A full life is just within my reach. I can feel it. I can reach for it. It is right there waiting for me.

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