The Blue Moon “Only Happens Every 40 Years” October 31, 2020


The Blue Moon 

It Only Happens Every 40 Years 

A Very Special Moon 

Shining Beautiful Through The Trees

Breaking Through What A Beautiful Sight


Over The Rooftops 

A Heart                                      Begins To Appear

The Shadows In The Clouds 

Images Begin To Show Shapes

Dancing Images Of Happiness

A Very Special Night 

Magic Happens 

Put All Your Good Intentions To The Universe 

While The Blue Moon Lights Up The Sky 

May All Wishes Come True

Peace & Good Intentions Loved Ones 

                  For The Next Year To Come 

                              Magical Things Happen

                             Many Blessings For All 

                           In The Heavens Above 

                           The Beauty Of The Sky 

                                   May This World 

                   Have The Peace & Unity Is Deserves

                            The Blue Moon Of Love 

                            Magic In The Night Sky

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  1. Ruby Ros'e
    11/19/2020 / 4:57 PM

    thank you sweetie Love You 😀

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