Our Story


Childhood friends that re-bonded due to an earth shaking loss. We had always held each other dear at heart, yet life moved us around to opposite ends of the country where we lost each other. Keeping busy raising our families only kept our minds distracted until one day we lost a dear friend. Reaching out to let each other know that we don’t want to miss any more time without each other in our lives. The Tender Two took up old fashioned snail mail- USPS to bridge the gap between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. We wrote and waited for each precious letter that arrived. We stopped everything to sit and peruse the handwritten testimony to another mothers undisclosed thoughts. Our Dear Heart bond was invigorated and caused our creativity to overflow. Every creator needs an outlet so we chose to SHARE our covered treasure with the world.

This is our space to share with one another. Feel free to leave comments, concerns, ideas, or even constructive criticisms. We are souls open to growth. At the end of the day this is our dearheart project and creation. It’s use we do share but its purpose is personal.

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