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Redecorating the Site
Illustrations Of Our Lives
DearHeart Creativity

Honor the creative talents of Two Tender DearHeart friends while nurturing all of those surrounding us.

DearHearts Healing through creativity.
Putting pen to paper for the soothing of tender hearts.

Ruby Rosé & LaLa Sangria

The Tender Two

2023 💕DearHeart Adventures Turn the Corner😶‍🌫️
Do You Wonder?
Fortune FriYaY!
Creativity At It Best Ruby Ros’e & LaLa Sangria
Discovery Of Life
Before it arrives
Aware, but Misunderstood
You Left Us Too Early-A Dedicaton To My Nephew Zachary Ryan Mc Neeley 11-3-1989-3-29-4-1-2021
[Unwittingly] I embark…

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