Ruby Ros’e & La La Sangria The Two Of Us~The Tender Two

                                           THE BIG REVEAL ! 

   What We

The Tender Two

Brings On A Three

What We See & What We Feel 

What We Experience & Hear

We Put Into Words  

Send It Out Into The World To Share

Feelings & Thoughts Outside Of Me,

Expressions Sent Out To You                                                                                                    

                       What We Experience & What We Feel

                               Brings The Two To A Three

                What You Read Here Can Spark That Feeling 

  With Words Of Expression, Influence, Or An Affirmation

               We Gravitate To All Sorts Of Inspiration

Meditation, Sights, Nature, Sounds, Words & Music

 Putting Pen To Paper Oh How It Flows

Tender Hearts Tender Souls

We Two Bring Our Thoughts & 

Emotion To You Experiences 

Feelings Felt. We Write We Create 

We All Connect 

We All Can Feel The Same

Our Writing Gives

Spark, Emotion Inspiration

Being Who You Want To Be

We All Have That Creativity

Ones Who Are Touched With Life

Breath, Emotion, Living And

Embracing The Moments We


Precious Thoughts Spreading Love

With Every Breath & Word.

Every View Every  Formation We See 

Every Precious Day

Precious Moments

Precious Memories

Never Taken For Granted

Time Well Spent Time To Breathe, Time Of Silence And


Solitude, Hearing The Beautiful Voices Of Nature Around Us

Just A Listen, A Step Outside Nature Is The Best Medicine.

We All Need To Take Heed Of The Sounds Of Life 

The Wonderous Things Around Us And Simple Beauty That Surrounds.

These Precious Things, Sounds, Feelings Emerge Transform

          To Our Amazing Words, Words That We Share

     All Of Which We Can Express To Let Everyone Know

Love, Energy, Wonders Plus Life Experiences, Trials & 

Troubles We Experience. We Share, We Tell, We Influence

Learning From The Words We Share, Emotions From Our Hearts. 

Putting Our Pen To Paper & Fingers To Keyboards 

                 This Is What The Tender Two Share.

Every Experience We Have We Need To Take The Time Each

Day & Just Breathe, We Have Rushed Lives, Complications

Take The Time To Slow Down & Take That Breath. That 

Breath Of Energy, Creativity & Calm. Always Take That

Breath To See & Feel The Caress Of Nature, Feel The Spray Of

The Rustling Sea & Wind Upon Your Face, Take In The Aroma

 Smell The Spring Blossoms In The Air, Take The Time To 

Appreciate Nature’s Gifts To Us Every Day.

The Tender Two Is Here To Remind Everyone Love And

Emotion Creativity & Nature Is Our Gifts To Share. Appreciate

The Wonders That Can Spark The Creativity, Solice & Calm

In Your Heart. Take This On Your Journey In Life We Are

Here To Spread The Words Of Our Writings, Our Messages,

Love & Creativity With Inspiration Goes Hand In Hand.

From Ruby Ros’e & La La Sangria Take The Time Each Day

Feel The Beauty Enjoy The Gifts Of Nature What Ever You

May Feel Write It and Take It With You On Your Journey

Through Life. What A Beautiful Expressive Pathway

                An Adventure With The Words You Feel 

                              And A Song In Your Heart.


                                                                       We Love You 

                                Our Blessings 

                           From The Tender Two

                                              RUBY ROS’E & LA LA SANGRIA


  1. The TenderTwo
    03/25/2021 / 3:01 PM

    Such a tender and exquisite tribute. I love it Ruby. Thank you for such love and creativity!

  2. Ruby Ros'e
    03/27/2021 / 1:56 PM

    your welcome La La Love you Sweetie

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