Seize the day….

One can make a day of any size…

John Muir

The phone rang today. Not too often does it connect the ring and the voice on the other end. Its one of those spur of the moment occurrences for it to ring and I actually answer, or I answer and the caller is an actual person in wait of real conversation. Today was the day! An unrecognized yet familiar voice called my name. “lala” 

Pause of breath “ Yes”

“LALA? Is that you?”

“Well yes it is, may I…..”

“Its Me……”

Someone I knew from my past and woah what a past, picked up the phone and called me. Now I would love to tell you how long it had been since I had spoke to this person. But Age is just a number and so is time. Time is not linear when a schoolhouse friend takes the above advice and picks up the phone.

Such an array of emotion to pass through the human body. They each investing their own level of physicality to the experience. A whim of joy for remembering me. That awkward moment of silence when rolling through the nostalgia comes to a slow patch. There may be fear when you reach for words that come very simply for one and the other is picking past them in their mind to keep up. The sorrow of losing the time lost from any type of separation. So many infinitesimal impulses that percolated through the skin, body, and mind. The cheeks get red from the constant complements. The Adrenaline pumps when the story telling joins that instant of intellectual contact, spilling out the sentence at the same time. Tears strolling as the memory of other childhood playmates have left this realm. Such a roller coaster of nervous activity.

Exhilaration is the sense that came across the airwaves from the West Coast of the continent to the Almost eastern Most side of the country. Time was erased and joy was the replacement. Reminiscing of a childhood so pure and innocent. Memories that pushed the limits of each others mental faculties while digging them out. The bike rides, long walks, dancing creations, drawings & scribbles of children, one by one brought to the spotlight on the water wheel of the babbling brook of tears. Ode to time gone by and reality of what it leads to.

What is amazing to one person can leave such a different taste for another. Why did some of us choose to stay together, others go and come back, others stay at first then leave indefinitely, others breathe their last breath and cause the mourning that leads to another’s prodigal return to joy.

All in the simple act of reaching out, touching a few numbers in our cellular device, and listening for the dial tone to say “Hello?”.

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