Secrets Can Destroy Lies Can Not Be Repaired

That’s Why No Matter The Lie The Secret They Always Surface Somehow Some Way

Lies Never Stay Buried Because Like Old Bones They Are Dug Up & Revealed

That Is Why Secrets & Lies Never Stay Underground

How Can They Because The Excavation Is Truth That Brings Them To Light

So There You Have It I Tell You No Secrets Tell Me No Lies The Truth Will Set You Free

Therefore Never Lie Never Deceit Never Be Unfaithful To Me

In This Rant Family So Much Love So Much Deceit Maybe? Lies?

Reality is Everone Has Some Skeletons Old Bones They Want To Hide

But Are They Really Hidden? They Are Always Found Once The Truth Surfaces One Way Or Another

Best To Be Straight Forward-Honest-True But Does That Exist Today?

Can Anyone Ever Do, I Wonder I Truly Wonder If It Is Possible?

As This Rant Comes To An End It Never Pays To Have Secrets Or Lies

They Only Hurt The Ones They Love Because In The End 

The Dust Settles & The Old Bones Pile Up You Have To Pick Through Pile The Puzzle

That Unfolds From All Those Secrets & Lies

What A Waste Of Time I Don’t Understand It, This Is The Reason For This Rant

Ok Enough Of That Life Is Precious & Short

Live Love & No More Secrets No More Lies

Makes For Peace In This Chaotic World

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