Fortune FriYaY!

    With was DHubby’s recent Bday celebration,  our son invited us out to Papi’s favorite place to eat.  These two are like twins from different decades.  Seafood buffet it was, and very late after a very long day at work.  The restaurant was just as exhausted as we were. They were hollering at each other in Chinese, thinking they were about to go home, but NOPE, customers showed up.  

    Papi loves the Hot & Sour soup. He has even asked me to try to make it. Seems so complicated, but I might one weekend.  The boys slurp up their oysters, mussels, shrimp and soup. I’m just trying to eat something green, like broccoli and green beans, since I can identify those and probably nobody else touched them.  It’s fun to see him enjoy himself. He’s the type to not do anything for himself. So it was a pleasure to see him happy. 

    Papi doesn’t believe in fortunes and after this dinner, he will probably never open another fortune again. Nunca Jamas.  Look what the universe said to this poor ol, loving man of mine. You can even guess which one is his.  And to add insult to injury, Papi is an immigrant from a very small country in Central America.  He had to walk through 3 other countries to get here. Like he hasn’t worked hard enough, out in the sun, laboring away to build homes for rich people. A home he will never own.  Well not on his wage.  Maybe our blogging and projects can change that outcome.  

First one is mine, and universe knows I’m also going through it at work.  But I just laughed.

2nd is my boy’s who also has taken to heart the minimalistic traits of his dad.

3rd is my Dhubby’s.  I think we’ll turn these fortunes over and use the back sides as our destiny.  😆 

Come on Lotto! 

Also, Thank you to for keeping us entertained at the table when we go to the buffet. Try to keep it light!  

😂   Alright, enough ranting for one day.  Enjoy your weekend

LaLa 👋 


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