2023 💕DearHeart Adventures Turn the Corner😶‍🌫️

     Since 2018, The Tender Two has been on a mission to honor the creative talents of two tender dearheart friends,  DearHearts healing through creativity.  It started out with letter writing to each other. The encouragement we gave to each other then bolstered our creativity to continue many other creative pursuits.  Ruby has been very creative throughout all these years, but LaLa’s creativity was smoldering underneath like a volcano ready to explode.  Ruby is the first to encourage & support anyone, but especially her loved ones. Luckily, having that long history kept me in that loving camp of wonderment & dearheart love. 

    I have to admit during these years, life did not pause for us to just be creative. We had to work it in wherever we could around our families and duties. Creative experiences tend to be the last of the necessary aspects of life, right there close to rest and nurturing our health.  Most moms understand that rest, or self care often are the forgotten necessities along the path of being mom. Yet, it is the most important so we can continue to focus on our loves.     Ruby, my dear, has had an incredible year. LaLa too has had some tremendous transitions. Our mission has not been forgotten, yet it may have been misplaced in the rubble of sustaining life. Some of our creativity has been keeping our souls going. We need to share more of those great lifesaving, joyful endeavors here as well.  I’ve not spoken about my other projects here as they were personal & not a part of “The Tender Two” umbrella of creative undertakings. I didn’t want it to interfere with this blogs writing. Yet the more I found myself working on the other projects, the less The Tender Two grew on my end. It became a vicious cycle.  Ruby is much more creative than I, always has been. She’s a stunning stylist, including clothing, hair, makeup, decorative art, party spread including dishes & décor. She does it all. Only around the holidays does she take the opportunity to showcase her displays of personalized custom antiques with family heirlooms.  I’m hoping this post will encourage her to continue her path of joy with her personal projects and share them with the world here.  I think we both began with the idea that TTT would focus on writing, poetry, letters to each other. To continue with that path is to stifle our whole creative loves.  So I’m hoping that we will begin to share regularly with TTT to fortify the mission of DearHeart Creativity.  YOU can find creativity in small things like postcards, or humongous things like 4 story murals. Those are things I’m excited to pursue.  Or YOU can enjoy ANY creative pursuits. Take the time to document it. I know the social media platforms have replaced blogging but if Tik Tok, Flickrr, IG, or Twitter shut down tomorrow, it will close down all your beautiful gallery with it. Believe me I worry about hosting this blog on Google Blogger everyday.  But we bought the domain so we can preserve it for future generations. So going into 2023, We wish you a prosperous, joyous New Year. You can begin creative projects at any time, not just new years. Then share, it’s the sharing that brings encouragement to others. I’m so excited to share my projects that I’m determined to LIVE stream what I’m working on.  Hoping to share clips of that soon.  So, Ruby & LaLa are so much more that writers, poets, or lovers of song,  we are Makers.  We will be sharing much more of our artisan side this year with everything we are involved in. We would also love to hear from you to see your projects. True collaboration begins when we open up and share our love for whatever we are building creatively.  We invite everyone to enjoy this dearheart creative journey.

Hope to see your part of the world soon!

Stay Positive | Be Blessed | Share Often


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We need to unbottle all this love to pour it out into a world full of creativity.

Time to get this party started 🍾🎊🎉


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  1. Ruby Ros'e
    01/08/2023 / 9:29 PM

    Awesome La La Here To Moe Adventures 😀

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