Discovery Of Life

Discovery Of Life,

Life How Precious It Is,
Life How Fragile It Is,
Foolish Mistakes

Foolish Actions

Things Said,
No Repairs,

This Is Life,
As We Go On,
Circles Decrease,

Live, Love, And Laughter,
Grasp Every Moment,
We Are Not Guarnteed Tomrrow,

Foolish Acts Harsh Words,
Repair Knowing Who You Love,

Embracing Those Who Care,
Not With Words,
But With Actions,

We Have One Life To Live,
Live It Well,
Find Yourself,
Be Yourself,
Love Yourself,

There Is No Time For Peddiness,
There Is No Time For Jealousy,
Love Is The Answer,
Real And True Love,
Be Yourself, Love Yourself, Love Others,

My Love To Who Understand,
My Love To Who Believe,
My Love To Who Really Love,

All My Love To Those Who Know


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