Pain Free-Penzu Journal-Fri. 3/11/2016 at 2:00pm

You Live Life With No Care

Never Thinking Of Who You Hurt Along The Way

Promises Never Kept, Always Trying to Get By

It’s Always Another Day

Escaping Your Deeds, escaping the real truth

That Lies deep inside

How Did I become A Casualty

Why Did You Pick Me?

To Suffer At Your Hand, Why Am I Still A Victim At Your Hand

Does the answer lie within me< How can that be?

I have never asked for this, I loved you with all my heart

At the time thought you were real, thought you cared

When you said “I Love You”??

But Little did I know you said that to another??

Now Knowing this my heart is broken crushed beyond repair.

You Keep reeling me in but to no avail the same song plays

The same things happen, Its your same ways.

Time To Break Free! Time To Say Good Bye

For My Own Heart My Own Mind for me to be set free,

cant take no more, the thread is broke

you said you saw my pain but do you really?? you tried you said you would

you said i can see your pain in your eyes in your face

so way continue the hurt why put me in this place?

At this stage of life I am wondering how do i wan my life to go

the plan I am ready to develop? How from out of nowwhere??

Never done this before ?

How to Start is the question? I keep asking All I know is I No Longer want the

bullshit, no longer want the anger only happiness only love

I dont know where is hear is if its with me or her or loyalty only he knows in his own heart in his own mind only for him to know not me?

All I know is the pain I want to be free!

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