35 years too long

such simple things that makes one think profoundly about aspects of
their life. Today, I saw a contest for creating a label that would
just be awesome for 
Tender Two
I invited Ruby to design a label, a brand logo, something to
participate in this contest as a challenge. She was always the artsy
one. She has wonderful poems & designs that need a creative
outlet. I thought it would be great to try her hand at a logo for the
blog/brand. The innovation process itself just stirred up a fire
within me that wouldn’t let me sleep. That is becoming my cue to
get to a keyboard or takes notes in my phone or a notepad. Something
needs to get jotted down somewhere so I can get the fire out and get
back to sleep.

honestly don’t know how I got from one subject to the other, but it
reminded me of an email I got yesterday for my 35th year class
reunions in Weiser. Someone had taken so much time and effort to put
the event together but when the invitation email was sent an
important detail was left incomplete. The subject line stated our
30th anniversary reunion.  Those little details set off a
whirlwind of serious contemplation.  Should I go? Do I really
want to go back and visit after so much time? Was it worth the time
and effort?  Would anyone even really care? When I graduated
high school in Weiser, the very next week, I abandoned all the kids I
spent the last four years of high school with to get myself to
California. I had to get back to my “group”of girls, the
important ones. I was consumed to get back to watch Ruby, Cee, and
Mary, to participate in the graduation that they had.

reminder for my 35-year reunion just brought me to the realization,
“I would much rather go see Ruby” It was time to start planning a
way for us to reconnect, to physically reunite maybe before or during
2020. The visions of planning some type of “Viva Madre” escape
kept me up all night. Daydreaming of where we could go to really
revive our lifelong friendship. Basking in the 🌞 sun with a Mimosa
and wide brimmed hats on the beach in vintage bikinis. Taking clay
spas and then chilling in the jacuzzi afterward. It would be so
wonderful to catch up on so much. More importantly it would be
wonderful to catch up on NOW. At this stage of our lives, this new
frontier as empowered, creative goddesses within our own right, in
our own world, on our own terms. How exhilarating to see, visit each
other, and just take the time to catch up on these years that got us
here. More importantly to build our future, look to what we could
envision together, building our blog and brand.

think the anticipation for the visit and the prospective content for
the blog would be great for archiving this moment in our lives giving
us the propulsion to continue with our project together. I think it
will just be an awesome testimony to what we’re trying to build
together–an outlet for creativity, outlet for sharing with others.
Motivated to find a way for a generosity outlet, we want to use our
talents for giving back.This is mostly how we inspire each other.
Such little things that end up in a big line of Dominos in our bank
of ideas, contributing to the creative process. The joy that expands
within us when we use our endowments is healing both of us in a way
we never expected and helping us find a tribute or legacy while on
the path to our joyful place.

we can share the process here on 
Tender Two
where we can detail the progression of how we can build the logo, how
we can build the brand, where the brand might lead, what intention we
have with the blog for future, the plan for giving back, and just the
process of creativity while balancing the ideas. This should be the
joyful part for us so it should be a great ride, plus we already
know, just the possibility to reunite in person is going to be
awesome all in itself.

you Ruby


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