Silence & Wonders Of Nature~Gods Entertainment

Silence of Nature

Gentle breezes, the chirping of birds, watching a flock of butterflies, flutter flutter by me, looking at the wonders of the flowers beautiful hues of different species of plants and trees. 

How the wonders of nature fascinate me, I could look at the sky see so many clouds and shapes. How fun it is to make shapes out of the clouds you look to the sky and what do you see a bunny and puppy a tree a smiling face and heart you can gaze for hours and see so many things it just pulls at your heart strings and just makes your heart sing! 

The wonders of nature what God has made the silence of nature to just listen to really hear what nature is singing a true melody that can calm you lift your spirit and soothe your soul, natures music natures beauty there is nothing quite like it. Gods gift to love and appreciate it. 

When I am stressed down or weary I seek natures peace to get me through the rough patches of life, it is the only way to cope, the wonders of animals I could watch on and on the other day I just watched a squirrel  just hanging out by my sidewalk he had a twig in between his tiny hands just munching away I stood there gazing at him talking to him saying he there little buddy he perked up his little squirrel ears and looked at me for a few moments then scampered away. 

Another time a squirrel was walking along my spa searching for water I was looking at his through the window I’m like oh no be careful don’t fall in!! 

Aww the wonders of nature when you are looking to the sky for those cloud shapes or enjoying the blooming color of all the flowers & plants, being entertained by the little critters that come in to your yard.

There is nothing like the silence of nature the wonders of nature, nature Gods entertainment for the masses its free its beautiful its calming its refreshing its renewing, it can renew your spirit and soul.

                       “How I Love Gods Entertainment!” 

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  1. Ruby Ros'e
    07/12/2019 / 4:22 PM

    yes its is a working progress sweetie

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