The Hummingbird Song-Penzu Journal-Fri. 4/17/2015 at 1:30pm

The Hummingbird Song

I’m Sitting Outside

I’m Reading A Book Of Poetry

Poems By Amber Tamblyn-Dark Sparkler

I Hear Such A Quaint Chirping

I Look Up & What Do I See

But A Beautiful Hummingbird So Close

Close Enough to Touch

She is Looking For a Flower to Drink

Buzzing Around My Trees

Her Singing Is Lovely

I Wonder & Think

Who Could That Be

The Heart Of A Family Member

Easing My Heat & Mind

Things Will Be Ok

Look To The Beauty Of Nature

Love Is There Love Is Kind

Take Stress Of Your Heart

Let Me Take Over 

Set All Negativity Free

In This Little Bird 

God Says “Give This Grief All To Me”

No More Burden No More Stress No More Strife

Find More Happiness More Joy In Your Life

Try To Let Go  

You Can Never Change Anyone

Only Change Yourself 

Retrain Your Thoughts

For Better Heeling For a Better You

To Let Go Past Hurts Past Mistakes 

This Is What You Must Do

Like The Hummingbird Free

Buzzing And Singing From Tree To Tree

Enjoying Life’s Beauty

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