Here Is To The New Year Past New & Hope

Happy New Year To All 

Here Is To 2020~Roaring Into 2020

Don’t Ya Just Love That Theme~The Roaring 20’s Were So Care Free At Times

Every Decade Has Had Issues

We Have Progressed

Look At What We Have Accomplished Thus Far

Recently I Have Posted Some Of My Past Journal Writings

Some Very Sad-Some With Despair Some Whimsy & Joyful

I Posted These To Show Past Issues & Feelings 

What I Was Experiencing At The Time

What I Have Been Through

Brings Me To A Saying 

“That Which Does Not Kil Us Makes Us Stronger”

By Friedrich Nietzsche 

What We Go Through In Life Things We Deal With Struggles Hurts, Disappointments, Betrayals, Teaches Us Those Hard Life Lessons

On To The New Year

This Is The Season Of Hope I Love That Expression “HOPE” It Is My Moms Favorite Word Next To God With Good Reason.





The Words Of Hope It Gives You A Sence Of Always Believing If We Have No Hope We Have Nothing. 

I Have Learned This

Its Been My Mother’s Mantra For Years

It Never Leaves You Its Gods Way Of Telling You I Am Your Hope Beleive In Me And All Things Are Possible

Hope Gives You That Sunshine When Days Are Dark

Hope Give You Dreams 

They Can Come True Never Stop Having  It

Hope Is A Tissue When You Have Tears

Hope Is A Shield Of Armour 

When You Have A Battle To Face

Hope Is A Ray Of Light

When Those Fears Take Flight

Hope Is Arms Around You Tight

When You Feel All Alone 

You Think No One Cares

Hope Is There Day And Night

Hope Is The Theme For 2020 

It Has Always Been A Life-Long 

A Theme That Will Never End

Hope Always In Your Heart

So Here Is To Closing The Door To 2019

Opening 2020

Continuing Hope Every Day

A Hopeful Way

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Peace Joy &  Hope With Great Cheer! 

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  1. Amamalala
    01/01/2020 / 2:23 AM

    Hope.. such a spectacular gift!

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