Fabric of Fear

A woven landscape in the fabric of fear,  the tiny buckle, that makes one stand clear.  How could I not trust your darling heart dear,  that nothing would hamper our creative sphere. You held my dear heart as a light baby bird. Take flight with my feelings, you allowed to be heard. We both can’t go back to the place causing hurt, Your darling dear heart always looks towards comfort. Sorrow and shame from hurt I have caused. Momentum and focus now seems to have paused.

I know how you love with every beat of your being,Hopes soon the future pushes forward to let us keep sharing.


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  1. Ruby Ros'e
    12/24/2019 / 3:59 PM

    So Beautiful Sweetie I'm About To Burst Into Tears You Took The Feelings Of My Heart And Wrote Them So Beautifully Thank You, My Dear So Blessed For You As We Begin Again For Only A Pause To Regain Our Path Of Beauty As The Words Will Flow As A Mighty River Flows This Our Place Continuously Grows. Our Sharing Of Love To The World Continues To Shine. I Love You

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