You Left Us Too Early-A Dedicaton To My Nephew Zachary Ryan Mc Neeley 11-3-1989-3-29-4-1-2021

On That Day Of Despair Did You Walk Alone? Or
Were You Guided In Some Way?

You Decided To Leave And We All Didn’t Know Why,
You So
Very Young At The Age Of 31, To Be In Such A Dark Place.

Did You Feel Pushed A Side?
Did You Think There Was No Where To Turn? Nothing Could Be Done? No Help Anywhere?

Those Days Leading Up To Your Departure
With No Hope Inside,
Waking Up Walking To That Dark Place,
Thinking There Is Nothing Left To Do.
My Expiration Date Is Here?
The Plan In Your Mind Carried Out.

When You Left Us All What A Shame.
Everyone Perplexed To Who Or What Is To Blame.

Did You Think There Was No Love For You?
Your Living Circumstance, Your Life Choices? The Ones You Missed?
Is This Why Your Chose To Leave?

Thinking There Is No Way Out,

That Fateful Day You Decided To Say Goodbye Forever.

All Alone In That Cold Place Not Found For Days.
Did Your Soul Find Peace Among The Struggles You Had?

Are You Free Because You Decided To Be Free?

Leaving Everyone Behind Who Loved You.
You Decided To
Ignore Who Cares.
Thinking You Would Be Better Off In Heaven With Close Ones.
Don’t Get To Decide Our Fate, But You Did.
Leaving Behind Our Feelings.

Feelings Of Sadness! Grief! Anger! Frustration! Stress! Blame! Wondering Why!
You Had So Much Life Inside You.
Then Your Were Found So

All We Have Now Is Your Pictures.
Stories Of Your Short Life Of 31 Years.

Whether You Know It Or Not,
You Made A Difference Some How.
If You Only Knew How You Effected Lives Of Those Around You,
Your Funny Ways, Goofy Smile, Such A Big Kid With A Huge Heart.
Your Love Of Catching That Big Fish.

To Leave In Such A Way We May Never Know Exactly Why.

Why You Decided Too End Your Life,
Why You Decided To Say Goodbye.

Why You Decided To Leave People Who Loved You.
Even Though You Felt You Had No Way Out.

You Couldn’t Escape Your Dark Hole,
Couldn’t Escape The Chains That Bound You.
Demons That Chased You.

You Decided To Escape In Your Own Way,
An Escape That Forever Took You Away.

From 3-29-21 To 4-1-21 Those Days Of Not Knowing?
Those Days Wondering Where You Were,
Until The Fateful Day You Were Found.
So Cold, Yet So Profound.

We Mourned You, Grief In Our Hearts.
The Loss So
Young, The Loss So Senseless.

But For Whatever The Reason,
You Left Us All Behind.

May Your Soul Be Free,
Free From All The Hurt.
Free From All The
Free From
Demons That May Of Haunted You.
Free From Things You Could Not Let Go Of.

Your Deadly Missed By All. I’m Sure There Will Be Signs Of You Near,

In Your Happy Place, Free Soaring So very High.

Free From Everything.
Only Peace, The Peace You Deserve.

We All Miss You In Our Own Way,
At 31 You Were
Determined To Leave.
You Were Determined To Never Stay.

Fly Free My Dear Nephew,
Just Know This You Made A Difference.

No Matter How Big Or Small,
This I Hope, Now You Believe.

This Is My Dedication To You.

Zachary Ryan McNeeley.
Born 11-3-1989 Left Us From 3-29 Through 4-1-2021.
Love & Miss You. Forever In Our Hearts.


  1. The TenderTwo
    04/04/2022 / 12:17 PM

    Touching and profound dedication. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Sending love and prayers

  2. Ruby Ros'e
    04/29/2022 / 6:24 PM

    Thank You Sweetie I Appreciate Your Kind Words

  3. Ruby Ros'e
    08/29/2022 / 9:51 PM

    This Was From My Heart & My Nephew Knows I Loved Him & He Knows These Words Are From My Heart

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