Friends Forever-Penzu Journal-Fri. 6/29/2018 at 7:42am

Friends Forever 

As Kids We Became Friends

Growing Up Together

We Were The Fab Five

Lisa, Christie, Cindy Marrianne & Glenn

Fun Times Laughter Being Carefree

From 5th Grade Until Middle School

Growing Up Changing Learning

Times Well Cherished

Growing Up Fast & Time Flew By

There Was A Time You Had To Part Lisa

As High School Approached

You Moved Away We Said Goodbye

But Not Forever You Always Wrote

I Wrote You Telling Each-other About Our Lives

High School Details & Drama

The Fab Five Started To Drift Apart

New Friends New Lives

Promises Of Friends Forever

Few Stayed In Touch

Others Slipped Away

Each One Of Us Chose Different Paths

Friends Forever Don’t Always Last

Promises Of Forever Some Never Kept

Choosing Lives Careers & Family

Friends Walk In Friends Walk Out

Some Re-Appear & Some Disappear

Re connection After 40 Years

Never Really Lost


Our Caring Hearts Bring Us Back Together

Just As We Left Off Writing Letters

Again Exchanging Stories Lives

Things We Have Challenged

Trial & Troubles We Have Went Through

The Fab Five Now The Tender Two

Never Forgetting Our Childhood Past

Remembering Thar Real True Heart 

Will Always Last

This Gift We Have Pen To Paper

Fingers To Keys

We Will Always Be Close

Here To Inspire

Here To Listen

Here To Exchange Ideas

Listing To Each-other & Always Understanding

Sometimes Forever Can Be Short For Others

But Forever To The Tender Two

Though These 40 Years 

Real Connection Can Outlast

In Live People, Walk-In People Walk Out

People Fall Away Or Taken To Heaven

Some Keep In Touch

Others Reconnect Because of Their Bond

Only Loosened But Never Broken

For The Tender Two Reconnected Never Broken

Dear Lisa, I Write This For You 

For We Are The Tender Two

Friends Forever Love Through Out


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